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About me

Hey, I am Ali and in this section its not about genres its about feelings. Because we are connected for  what music makes you feel.


Alikrater, Dj, and Producer of Hip Hop and electronic, mixing and mastering technician. His concern for music goes back more than a decade, where he

begins to know different styles of music, which mainly influence the Blues, Funk and Soul, and he begins to create his own with his first computer. Vinyl and diggin lover. Devoted to music with his sound and his physics, he decides to investigate and begins a long process of self-learning, in which he acquires an obsessed passion for analog synthesizers, with which he tries to achieve a hybrid between electronic and hip hop Of 90´s. After this process he decide to study, investing in its formation constantly, renewing itself, continuing learning to obtain an unbeatable sound, with seriousness and professionalism, being honest and constant.

Why We Make Music ?

Charles Darwin believed music was created as a sexual come-on. … Other theorists believe music was an attempt at social glue, a way to bring early humans together into a close-knit community.

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What We Do

Music just allows us to open up and release the emotions we were already feeling and this process is reciprocal with the listeners.